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More Black in 2014!

Lower cost products to better meet nursery production cost goals Anderson’s product lines have been modified for 2014 to respond to nursery requests for lower cost products to better meet the nursery’s production cost goals. This means more items are now moving to black recycled plastic as the standard material. In most cases, the green […]

George Visits Easter Island!

George Anderson, founder of Anderson Die and Manufacturing, has long dreamed of visiting exotic Easter Island, a Polynesian island of 63 square miles 2,200 miles off the coast of Chile and over 1,289 miles from its closest inhabited neighbor island – tiny Pitcairn Island. Rapa Nui, as Easter Island is known in its native language, […]

Maximize Root Growth with Anderson Bands

Investing in quality Anderson Bands and trays maximizes long-term value and positively impacts your bottom line. John Lewis of JLPN Inc. grows tree liners in Anderson’s Cross-Bottom Bands. Read More: Nursery Magazine — Maximize Root Growth with Anderson Bands (pdf file) .

Anderson’s new 17″ Square Deep Flat for 4″ Bands

Our new 17″ flat with dividers was made specifically for 4″ bands. The dividers hold either 16 bands to completely fill the flat, or 8 in an every slot arrangement for bushy plants that need more room. If you are using 4″ Bands, ask us for a sample today.

Nursery Management Magazine Article Praises Anderson Bands

An article about how Brooks Tree Farms uses Anderson Bands and why it’s the best choice for their projects and clients. Read More: Banded pots provide depth without the weight (pdf file)

Greenhouse Management Article on Propogation Using Anderson Bands and Anderson Flats

PORTLAND, OR – Page 8 of the April 2012 Issue of Greenhouse Management contains an article on propagation using Anderson ‘s 2½” Bands and the Anderson 10 X 20 inch flats. Yougjin Chang of North American Plants is quoted on his switch to the Anderson Die & Manufacturing products at North American Plants LLC of […]

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