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The consumer benefits of the Anderson Band Pot grown seedling

One of our integral components of growing quality seedlings is the Anderson Band Pot. We use Anderson Band Pots for many reasons, including large soil volume for root development. This results is overall increased plant vigor and health and the established plants come in a container suitable for immediate grafting. Another great advantage of our Anderson Band Pot grown seedlings is the flexibility of fall transplanting the seedlings directly to the field or container. Advantages of fall transplanting include:

  • Almost zero loss from transplant shock because the plant is a rooted plug.
  • The plant wakes up easier in the spring because it is already established.
  • All Anderson Band Pot grown seedlings at JPLN can be shipped bare root once dormant.

– JPLN Inc.

We love the Anderson Bands because they make more efficient use of our space and that allows us to offer our products at the best possible price. The Anderson Band’s tall format allows for excellent root development and the array of sizes allows us to manage our end product effectively.

– Kathy LeCompte, Brooks Tree Farm, Brooks, Oregon

Photos courtesy of Brooks Tree Farm

Many of our plants are transplanted into larger pots for more than one cycle. High quality pots from Anderson Die are cost effective for our business. A pot of lesser quality would increase our costs and not be reusable.

Woodburn Nursery by reusing these high quality pots is being very conscious about conserving our resources. We hope Anderson will be able to supply us with top quality pots for years to come.

– Bob Fessler, Woodburn Nursery and Azaleas, Inc., Woodburn, Oregon

 Photo courtesy of Woodburn Nursery and Azaleas, Inc.

“We have continued to do business with you because of the integrity of your product. They do not bend and not break. They last and we don’t have to keep replacing them often. We know your containers will last longer with fewer problems.”

– A Washington Nursery

“We now buy exclusively Anderson containers, as well as nursery flats, and have long since quit buying from other manufacturers. The Anderson containers are first quality, they hold up well for shipping and can be stacked in an interlocking fashion on a semi-truck and shipped to the East Coast without a mishap, broken containers, or damaged plants. The flats are heavy duty, and can hold up to the weight of plants over many years of use.”

– An Oregon Nursery

“Your plastic pots have been used for many years…Pot durability and reuse are critical factors to us. We hope you continue to manufacture a durable pot that will give us many years of use and reuse.”


– An Oregon Nursery

“It has been 7 years since we ordered our first plastic utility bands from your company. 99% of them are still in use. Please maintain the excellent quality.”

– A Pennsylvania Nursery

“Anderson Die and Manufacturing is known throughout the nursery industry for having the highest quality containers, containers that are able to be reused time and time again. Some growers have reported their Anderson pots as being recycled over and over for up to ten years.”

– A California Nursery Supply Company

“The quality of Anderson pots is what separates your products from other manufacturers and a lot of my customers depend on this type of quality purely for economic reasons. The length of usage not only saves them financially, but also is an environmental reason. The longer one uses a pot that much less needs to be dumped in our already full landfill sites.’

– A Hawaiian Nursery Supply Company

“We have bought from you for approximately 27 years. You do not make a cheap throwaway container.

– A California Grower

“We have been using and REUSING Anderson Polycans since 1977. Experience has proven they will not breakdown, laminate or shatter. Anderson Pots can be used over and over again within our operation, thus contributing to our recycling effort. When we ship plants (they are stacked on top of one another up to 7 feet high) we know that the stack will not collapse due to weak or broken pots.”

– An Oregon Nursery

“We have been using your extremely high quality pots and flats for over 20 years. We are recycling and reusing the same pots and flats year after year.”

– An Oregon Nursery

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