More Black in 2014!

Welsh Pot

Lower cost products to better meet nursery production cost goals

Anderson’s product lines have been modified for 2014 to respond to nursery requests for lower cost products to better meet the nursery’s production cost goals. This means more items are now moving to black recycled plastic as the standard material. In most cases, the green color remains as an extra cost option.

Anderson’s popular heavy duty “Portland Flat” now comes in a lower cost black plastic version. The renowned, five inch deep, “Deep Propagation Flat” is also available in black for the first time. The low cost 17 inch square and 10 by 20 inch value flats remain available in black recycled plastic only.

Anderson’s greenhouse container line has been revised to feature the black color as standard with green and terracotta still available as extra cost options. Both square and round pots now come in the black color for the first time.

Black has become the standard color for the Anderson Polycan field pots, as well. The newer black versions of the #3 Squat, #5 tub, #7 Squat, #7 Deep, #10 Squat, and #20 cans are very competitively priced and have been well received by west coast growers. Sales of the black Anderson Polycans set a new sales record in 2013 after a record year in 2012, as well.

With today’s emphasis on best value in container purchases, Anderson leads the way when both cost and quality are considered in purchase evaluations. The higher quality, thicker walled, Anderson products, now available in black recycled plastic versions with very competitive pricing, offer a highest quality, best choice, best value option for today’s growers.

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