The Anderson/Denton Container Recycling Initiative

Anderson Tool & Die of Portland, Oregon and Denton Plastics, also of Portland are teaming up to keep plastic nursery containers and flats out of our landfills by recycling these items for use in creating new nursery containers and by offering credits toward your next purchase of Anderson Pots™.

This recycling partnership creates a closed loop circle for plastic (polypropylene and high density polyethylene) nursery products.  Using Denton Plastics’ recycled plastic resins helps Anderson Tool & Die produce its superior quality nursery containers, as well as helping to create and preserve a global green environment.  Denton Plastics uses advanced recycling & compounding technologies to create quality plastic resins to the same specifications as new virgin plastic materials. Denton is recognized a leader in the plastics recycling industry with over 30 years of plastic recycling experience.

Oregon and Washington growers using US-made plastic containers are encouraged to collect their older used pots and trays with either the , or the  recycling logo on the bottom for this recycling program.  Note: this offer does not apply to any containers produced overseas or containers that do not display the proper recycling logos on their bottom sides.  

All items labeled as  or   must be stacked separately on their own pallets.  Although they are both plastic, the two designations are not produced from the same resins and need to be separated to be recycled.  It is also essential all containers be stacked upside down to keep water from accumulating in them. The scrap containers must then be secured to the pallet for transportation – usually best done with stretch film.

Containers to be recycled need to be as clean as possible.  Contamination in pots or trays can severely damage the recycling processing equipment.  Cleaning can be best accomplished by lightly knocking and brushing off any contamination from all container sides.  This will remove any dirt, sand, rocks, fertilizer particles, etc. before the items are stacked on pallets

Denton Plastics’ Portland Headquarters can arrange pick up of your recyclable scrap containers.  Please call 503-257-9945 or 800-959-9945 toll-free and ask for the Anderson/Denton Recycling Coordinator for the latest pricing and minimum pickup requirement information.  The Denton plant can also accept delivered loads of 2000lbs or more if the nursery wishes to drop their pots off at the Denton facility (by appointment only).

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